José Orozco — Mexico guide and shopping consultant

A veteran of the export business, José (Pepé) Orozco leads his clients to the destination of their choice in Jalisco, Mexico, and surrounding areas. He also helps them find home furnishings and decor at a price they can afford. And provides just about any service a Mexican guest could desire. (See sidebar at right.)

In fluent English or Spanish, José will guide you on tours through the city and the countryside. He’ll introduce you to aspects of local culture and commerce that you won’t see on your own. He’ll relieve you of language barriers and travel arrangements, without wasted time, money, and nerves.

Get hold of José today!

Phone José in Guadalajara at 333-809-8847. (If you’re not in Guadalajara, the contact page shows other phone numbers.) Or email him via the form below.

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