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José Orozco — Guide to Mexico’s destinations and shopping

A veteran of the export business, José (Pepé) Orozco will guide you on tours and shopping expeditions throughout Jalisco and beyond.

Let José take you anywhere in Jalisco or beyond

José leads clients to the destination of their choice — whether they need help getting to familiar places or want to try something off the beaten track. The destinations listed under the Tours menu may be familiar if you’ve already been to Jalisco. Places like Tequila, where tequila is distilled, is a fun and pretty well-known destination, while Lake Chapala, less than an hour south of Guadalajara, features 500-year-old villages like Ajijic and dramatic views of both lake and mountain. Lesser-known places like Foco Tonal, with its healing powers, and Mazamitla, an Alpine village in the pine forests, also have their allure.

José will take you direct to the source of Jalisco furniture and crafts bargains

If you’re looking for traditional Mexican crafts like furniture and decor, José has intimate knowledge of the factories that make hand-made furniture and decor. Taking you by the hand (and car), José will direct you to the source of fine craftsmanship. And help you buy, at a price you could not find on your own, authentic Mexican furnishings and decor. See the Shopping page for details.

Bilingual José will knock down the barriers

In fluent English or Spanish, José will guide you on tours through the city and the countryside. He’ll introduce you to aspects of local culture and commerce that you won’t see on your own. He’ll relieve you of language barriers and travel arrangements, sparing you time, money, and nerves.

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