Your guide to Mexican shopping and destinations


How do you get where you want to go?

Don’t know where to go? What to explore? How to do it?

Enter José (Pepé) Orosco, who can show you a good time at a fair price; introduce you to the sites of Jalisco and nearby states; get you to your destination and back in safety and comfort; and show you where to shop economically for art, decor, and furniture.

Here are just a few of the tours that José can arrange for you:

  • Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, surrounded by mountains and the site of several charming towns including Ajijic:
  • Tequila, both the town and the distilleries that make it famous
  • Guachimontones, site of ancient, round pyramids
  • Guadalajara, Mexico’s 2nd city, including the old city center and historical buildings, as well as nearby Tlaquepaque and Zopopan
  • Mezcala Island and the ruins of a 150-year-old former prison
  • Foco Tonal, a site known for its healing powers
  • Mazamitla, an alpine town south of Lake Chapala 7,000 feet high in the mountains
  • Tizapan el Alto, a bustling town on the largely unvisited south side of Lake Chapala

Whether these destinations, or others, José can get you there, make sure you have a good time, and help you negotiate and coordinate any purchases you make.

Set up a tour, get a quote

Whether you want to take one of the tours described on these pages, or set up a custom tour, contact José now. To request a tour, or inquire about prices and schedules, phone José at 333-809-8847. Or email him via the form at the bottom of the contact page.