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Foco Tonal

A focus for the health-conscious

Known for its healing energy and spiritual power, Foco Tonal is located in the town of Poncitlán, near Ocotlán, less than two hours southeast of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Foco Tonal, which means light and color, was identified as a power place by a clairvoyant. He wandered the grounds and recognized the spot as the place he had visited spiritually. He felt that it held two vortexes of energy, one that drew energy upward from the earth and another that brought energy down from the heavens. He marked the location with a stick.

Before his death, the owner of the property, Don Manuel Domínguez, put it this way: “It’s a point of energy where you can establish direct contact with the divine. It is the entrance to another dimension. Everything that we ask for consistently may be granted, because communication here is immediate.”

Now marked by an outdoor temple without walls, the structure looks like a shallow pool, encircled by seven pillars of various colors. Pronouncing their names, visitors standing at the energy spot hear an inexplicable echo and can feel their body moving like a pendulum.

The tour to Foco Tonal is at least four and a half hours long.