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Alpine village in the mountains

About an hour south of the south shore of Lake Chapala lies the Alpine village of Mazamitla.

At a height of some 7,000 feet, it breathes the pure mountain air and is residence and playground to wealthy Mexican families and tourists.

As you wend your way south of Lake Chapala with José, you may feel that you’re in a pine forest in the USA. It could be Georgia, say,  or Minnesota. The sense of deja vu may grow on you as you ascend.

In Mazamitla, you can explore the plaza, have lunch at one of the restaurants on the plaza, visit the church, duck into the stores for their alpine specialties of jams and fruit juices.

You can also go horseback riding, just out of town, or hike to a waterfalls that plunges into a ravine.

From Guadalajara, it takes about an hour and a half to get to Mazamitala. And be sure to allow time to eat, drink, relax — and explore.