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Tequila = the town steeped in tradition and tequila

In your tour of the town of Tequila, about an hour from Guadalajara, you’ll have a chance to gaze at fields of blue agave plants and to visit two disilleries, one small and the other medium size.

Distilling is believing

The distillery tours will acquaint you with the entire process of tequila making, including cutting the heart of the agave, the pina, drying the pina, crushing the pulp and mixing it with water, fermentation, cooking and bottling.

The final and possibly the most enjoyable part of the tour is sampling the liquor and, if you choose, buying bottles for yourself and your friends.

Kinds of tequila

Tequila is bottled and sold at four different ages:

  • blanco, aged less than six months
  • reposado, aged at leaast six months
  • añejo, aged at least one year
  • extra añejo, aged more than one year

As part of the tour you also can stroll through the town of Tequila, enjoy a meal there, and visit the tequila museum.

The Tequila tour lasts at least four and a half hours.