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Off the beaten track and back in time

If you’re feeling eager to get off the familiar track, Pepé can take you to the south side of Lake Chapala, to places like San Luis Soyatlan, Tuxcueco, and Tizapan el Alto (the high one).

These villages are not much visited by gringos, but possess a charm of their own.

In the case of Tizapan, the charm may consist of the compact city plaza with its laurel trees.

The daily market that thrives there.

The municipal building with its posters of ongoing construction projects.

The main church, or paróquia, just off the square, a solid fortress to the faith.

And the ruins of the Hacienda of San Francisco, just outside of town, to the east, which was founded in the 16th century.

If the world is too much with you, and you’re weary of gringo ways, try getting out of the rut. Go south, young man and woman. Let Pepé take you from the madding crowd.